Projects (Non-Studio Professionals & Venue)

(deadline) 30th June 2021

Poem Competition 
'10th Anniversary Celebration'

- of the founding of sister-studio Orpington Music Studio -


This July 2021 would be the '10th Anniversary' of the founding of sister-studio Orpington Music Studio, so to celebrate this milestone, we/Studio would be organising - 

'10th Anniversary Celebration of sister-studio' 

- a Poem Competition -

- a competition to select the most fun short poem about why you are learning your musical instrument

- the winning short poem would be published on our 'Projects' webpage

- the winner would be able to record a short video reciting his/her winning poem, to be uploaded onto our 'Youtube channel'

- the winner will receive two (2) FREE lessons from his/her Studio tutor in September 2021


How to enter

1) your name

2) your Studio tutor

3) FREE entry

4) submit your poem to

5) deadline for poem submission on 30th June 2021

6) jury would comprise of tutors from both Herne Hill Music Studio and Orpington Music Studio

6) the winner to be announced during month of July 2021