Student 'Virtual' Concert (Spring 2021) - Student Performers - 5pm, 18 March 2021

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Student 'Virtual' Concert (Spring 2021) - Student Performers - 5pm, 18 March 2021

Time & Location

18 Mar 2021, 17:00 GMT

About the Event

Student 'Virtual' Concert (Spring 2021) - Student Performers - 5pm on Thursday 18th March 2021  -

Tutors -

Bartosz Berner (Orpington Music Studio)

Jaroslav Gavrilov (Orpington Music Studio)

Anca Dukai (Orpington Music Studio)

Kayann Xie (Herne Hill Music Studio)

Alexander Ling (Orpington Music Studio)

Full concert ‘virtual’ programme, please do see below, thank you  -

1. ARLO ARDERN (Kayann Xie)

“Minuet in G” by Christian Petzold (1677-1733)

2. KESHAV PALLISTER (non-Studio)

“Theme” from “From the New World” Symphony no.9 by Antonin Dvorak (Usborne, First Book of the Piano)

3. SOPHIE MENGTING-GUO (Alexander Ling)

“Holiday in Paris” by William Gillock (1917-1993)

4. ANAB JAIN (Kayann Xie)

“Little bit of Rock” by James Bastien

5. VYOM SHETTY (Jaroslav Gavrilov)

Trumpet Concerto in E flat, second movement “Andante” by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), arranged by Martin White

6. AUDREY BROWN (Alexander Ling)

“Berceuse” from Dolly Suite by Gabriel Faure (1845-1924)

7. ALICE MENGTING-GUO (Alexander Ling)

“Hoe-Down” by Alan Bullard (1947)

8. ARLO ARDERN (Kayann Xie)

“Drunken Sailor” arranged by Thomas Johnson

9. JAMES DIAZ (Alexander Ling)

“Blazing roof” by James Diaz

10.  JIYA BACHWANI (Anca Dukai)

“On a Bike” by Christopher Norton (1953)

11.  VYOM SHETTY (Jaroslav Gavrilov)

“Innocence” from etudes faciles et progressives by J.F.F. Burgmuller (1806-1874)

12.  MIA LORENZ-LIN (Alexander Ling)

“Disco Baroque” by Alan Bullard (1947)

13.  JEGAJEETH JAYARAJ (Alexander Ling)

“Perseverance” by Jegajeeth Jayaraj

14.  AKSHAR ALOK (Bartosz Berner)

Prelude in A minor by James Bastien from Bastien Piano Basic, Level 3.

15.  MYRA BACHWANI (Anca Dukai)

“Spider Web Waltz” by Sarah Watts

16.  RAAGHAV PALLISTER (Jaroslav Gavrilov)

“Erster Verlust” from Album fur die Jugend by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), Grade 4 piece for ABRSM

17.  FRANCISCA CRAVO (Anca Dukai)

“Y Delyn Newydd”, Trad. Welsh, Arranged by David Blackwell

18.  VYOM SHETTY (Jaroslav Gavrilov)

“Scary Stuff” by Sarah Watts

19.  ROHAN AKKINENI (Anca Dukai)

“John Ryan’s Polka” Traditional Irish arranged by David Blackwell (1961)

20.  ROHAN AKKINENI (Anca Dukai)

“This Old Man” Traditional English arranged by David Blackwell (1961)

21.  SARVESH SATISH (Alexander Ling)

Theme from “William Tell”  by Gioachino Antonio Rossini de (1792-1868)


“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little  Bat”  Traditional, arranged by Aisling Greally (1961)

23.  MAHIT REDDY (Anca Dukai)

“Take Note” by David Blackwell (1961)


“Ja-Da” from Grade 2 Book 2019/2020 (ABRSM)

25.  VYOM SHETTY (Jaroslav Gavrilov)

“Disco Baroque” by Alan Bullard (1947)

26.  MICHAEL LI (Alexander Ling)

“Scary Stuff” by Sarah Watts

27.  SIDDHARTH SHANKAR (Bartosz Berner)

“Train Ride” from Prep Test Book (ABRSM)

28.  SARVESH SATISH (Alexander Ling)

Improvisation on Themes from Avengers: End Game by Alan Silvestri (1950)

29.  AADIL ROY (Alexander Ling) 

“Lullaby” by Pauline Hall (1890-1969)

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