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Piano ; Theory ; Aural

Lithuanian pianist is a graduate from University of Aberdeen (Scotland). In 2017 she obtained the Bachelor of Music (Hons) and in 2018 Master of Music degrees. 


Greta started studying piano from the age of 7 in her hometown Art School (Lithuania). Later, in Aberdeen, for five years she was developing her piano skills with Doc. Barbara Payne. Greta’s abilities and competence have been tested in various competitions in the Republic of Lithuania as well as international projects and concerts in Latvia, Germany, Poland and Scotland where in some of them she became diplomaed, laureate and prized: The Labyrinth of Lithuanian music (2007), Play, Imagine, Draw (2008), The Baltic Amber (2006), Aberdeen and North East of Scotland music festival (2014, 2015, 2018). 


In 2017 Greta was of three performers who won the Chris James Cadwur Concerto competition, the concerto competition for students of the University of Aberdeen. In March 2018, she was honoured to perform W.A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor (K.466) with University of Aberdeen Marischal Chamber orchestra. 



Piano ; Theory ; Aural

Kayann Xie started learning classical piano with professor Xiaomin Ren when she was 5. She graduated from JILIN University and obtained a Bachelor of Music performance degree. As an outstanding graduate, she held a piano concert at JILIIN University Music Hall as a solo pianist. In 2019, Kayann continued her Master degree with Pianist​ ​Dominic John at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Kayann also has rich experience in competition, including the First Prize of 2018 the 20t​h Hong Kong-ASIA Piano Competition, the Golden Prize of the 2018 China International Piano Festival BOYA, the Vorrunde Pacfic den of the VI. Internationaler Klavierwettbewerb Wiesbaden, etc.

From June 2017 to July 2019, she had been working as a piano teacher in Siai Music School. She learned different learning plans should be made according to different students. Also the younger students should be taught in a simple and understandable way. Her pride is to communicate the fun of music to the students and make them fall in love with music. Kayann led students to win many international competitions, and awarded Excellent advisor Award. She helped students pass the ABRSM piano exams, from grade 1 to grade 8, including theory and essential piano techniques.

Piano competition results - 

• June 2019 - The China International Piano Festival BOYA - Excellent advisor Award   

• October 2018 - ZHUHAI College of Jilin University - Third-Class Scholarship  

• August 2018 - The China International Piano Festival BOYA Golden Prize

• August 2018 - VI.Internationaler Klavierwettbewerb Wiesbaden Vorrnde pacific den - First Prize

• July 2018 - The 20th Hong Kong - Asia Piano Competition - Excellent Advisor Award  

• July 2018 - The 20th Hong Kong - Asia Piano Competition - First Prize  

• October 2017 - ZHUHAI College of Jilin University - Third-Class Scholarship  

• July 2017 - The Hong Kong International Vocal Open Competition - Third Prize